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With the niotix, DIGIMONDO released the first technology and industry independent Digital Twin for the Internet of Things (IoT), and especially for the LoRa ecosystem. It is the missing puzzle piece to connect your IoT world with your business processes:

  • Connectivity: Connect existing IoT platforms, especially niotix, with your existing IT systems and seamlessly integrate IoT in your daily business processes.
  • Digital Twin: Group IoT-related data (e.g. many different devices) and business-relevant information (e.g. responsibilities, technical documents) in one place to represent your business structures.
  • Business States: Tailor the incoming data of a digital twin according to your business needs; e.g. select only necessary data points from IoT devices or aggregate data from other digital twins.
  • Rule and Event Modeler: Give your digital twin “intelligence” by setting-up rules which trigger actions at 3rd party systems; e.g. let a digital twin publish MQTT packages if a sensor exceeds its limits.
  • Theming, Multi-Tenancy, IAM: Customize your account to fit your corporate design, manage sub-accounts of your subsidiaries or customers and set up individual, fine-granular user permissions depending on the account and digital twin.

As an example, with niotix, you can represent all of your rooms in your building. Sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2, open doors and windows, occupancy etc. in each room can be grouped in a digital twin representing the room. Aggregate all rooms in the parent digital twin representing your building. Set up rules for each digital twin: Automatically dim the light if the room is not occupied via firefly-downlinks, notify the security service via email if a window is open during night and regulate your heating automatically depending on the room temperature via MQTT events.

niotix supports you in rolling out your IoT landscape and professional integration in your organization.

With higher automation through IoT, you can

  • save efforts in your business process
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • and shorten process lead time.

About this manual

This manual guides you through all the features of niotix. On the left, you can find each section according to the main menu in the system. For each page, you can find a detailed table of content on the right to directly jump to selected paragraphs.